About Us



"In every LIBAR creation you can find the emotion and joy I feel when I'm able to bring our families story to you"

- Jack Libarian, Creative Director


1990 - Humble Beginnings

          Hagop Jack Libarian & Raffi Libarian began their careers with apprenticeships under their father at a young age learning the start of jewellery fabrication and wholesaling.


1994 – Continued Traditions

          Hagop & Raffi always dreamed of becoming partners and continuing the family tradition. After graduating high school, they incorporated H&R Design Jewellery Ltd and immediately following their fathers’ footsteps embarked on a journey of opportunity and passion. H&R Design Jewellery began producing new designs and created custom works for retailers in Ontario.


1996 – Further Growth

          H&R Design Jewellery expanded the workshop hiring more artisans to support the growth of the business. In the coming years Jack & Raffi began honing their craft in diamond jewellery and serviced an expanding list of diamond jewellery wholesalers.


1999 – New Setting

          In 1999 H&R Design Jewellery began their move to a new, larger location at 27 Queen Street East to assist in their continued expansion. A new home for the company allowed for the space to bring in more designers, polishers, and diamond setters. With the support of a plethora of new craftsmen, they were able to better manage and ensure the quality that the company was creating a reputation for.

2007 – Expanded Collections

          With the continued growth of the company the next steps were to ensure the LIBAR brand would develop as well. The creation of the “Kissing Doves”, “Colours of Love”, and “Unity Collection” allowed newfound creativity to flourish and expand on the library the company had already created. The forefront of these collections were high quality diamonds, gemstones, and precious metals.


2015 – Cross Country

          With the success of the LIBAR collections new sales representatives were brought on board to better expand the brand and distribute product across Canada. With the possibility to better service more customers LIBAR began exhibiting Canadian trade shows beginning in Toronto & Montreal.


2020 – Joining CJG

          With the growing desire to continue to find reputable and prestigious jewellery retailers, H&R Design Jewellery Ltd became a member of the Canadian Jewellery Group. The ease of access to other like-minded businesses allowed for the continued expansion and recognition of the LIBAR brand.